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My Second Ride

I had to take the GTV-300 to Orleans, Ontario which is about a 50 minute ride through country roads for a safety inspection and to do the actual license and ownership transfer.

I left my house in Russell at 3:00 PM and headed through the city on North Russell Road. There was a mustang in front of me and we were driving through a school zone doing 40 Km/Hr. The driver of the mustang was curious and looking at the Vespa in his rear view mirror. After the school zone the speed limit was 60 and he quickly proceeded to do that plus a bit more.  I of course kept my distance right behind him. I saw him glance multiple times at his rear view mirror.

The next speed increase was to 80 Km/Hr and he proceeded to that and a bit more. Again I kept my distance behind him and he continued to stare through his rear mirror.

russell roadHe then proceeded to exceed the speed limit in a major way. Again I kept my distance right behind him as he continued to stare through the rear view mirror.

We came up to Burton road where there are two 90 degree curves that are wonderful to take on any bike. One to the left and then shortly thereafter another to the right. But as we approached the curve the mustang began to slow down to under 80 Km/Hr. We are riding in flat farm fields so the visibility around these corners are excellent and you can clearly see if a car is coming on the other side. Since the Vespa has no gearing a downshift is not an option. If I wanted to slow down to match his speed I would have to apply the brakes. To me that is a waste of Good Brembo pads and I therefore checked the other side for oncoming traffic and seeing that it was clear I signalled left and passed him just as he entered the curve. The Vespa leaned hard to the left and as I passed the mustang I was absolutely laughing inside as I watched the utter surprise and confusing look on the driver’s face. As I came out of the curve the mustang flashed his high beams and accelerated to catch up but again slowed down for the second oncoming curve. I left him behind Frontier road and I am positive that the driver of that particular Mustang had a story to tell his friends and family about this crazy rider on a Vespa that was obviously on steroids.

tu250I forgot how much fun that was. Other riders never wave or acknowledge a Vespa rider. We are a very small group of riders who are shunned by other motorcycle riders (in general). But the fact that the Vespa GTV-300 can easily exceed 120 Km/Hr does make it an odd vehicle on the road. My friend Veronica is getting a Suzuki TU 250 which has less horse power, is lighter and smaller. But I bet that all bikers will wave to her as they ride by ignoring me. I have no issues with that. In fact, I always wave at the farmers in there large strange looking machines and they always wave back!

Fun to ride? YES! Cheap on Gas? Absolutely! A keeper? Forever…