Who would have thought? I started riding again with the purchase of a new Vespa GTV-300 and spent a few years adding some very unique equipment to it and then sold it for a real motorcycle. I have very satisfied with my BMW F-700GS and after a good 15,000 Km on it I would never get rid of it. But my old Vespa has suddenly become available because Veronica who had purchased it has also decided to get a “real motorcycle” that will suit her off and on road riding desires.

So this morning after weeks of considering the Vespa while Veronica was trying to sell it on Kijiji I woke up and Chantal and I said that this baby’s home is right here in Russell Ontario. It should replace the Italian Abarth that I just traded in.  After all, the Vespa poster still remains high and proud in my garage and the paintings of the Vespa are in my office as always.

So I got on my computer and sent an e-mail transfer to Veronica followed by an e-mail that read as follows:

“I just sent you a deposit by e-mail. The answer to the security question is ….”

Veronica was very pleased to know that the Vespa will return home and be cared for in a manner suitable for such a fine engineered machine.

I expect to have her in our garage within a week. Can’t wait to change the oil, clean her inside and out and then just take her for a ride on these curvy country roads.

Here are some pictures from the past for those who may not have seen her before…

Ok David, what do you have to say?

I knew you would read to the bottom of this page (LOL)