Subaru Invasion!

Well the Abarth had one of the longest runs in my life with respect to cars. It was a 2012 which means I owned and cared for it for almost five years. I cannot remember caring for any car that long. She was kept inside and free from snow and rain. I am certain she will please her new owner, whomever that may be.

So I included the garage sign and some bling when I traded her in for my new Subaru Forester. In fact, I traded the Zombie Mobile and the Abarth for a Forester 2017 and Chantal traded her Honda Fit for a Impreza 2017. Both are standard so we could only get them equipped to a certain level of comfort. However, we are very satisfied with how they came. Nice sound systems, heated seats, infotainment system and more. The only thing missing really were leather seats and I will have leather put in by Katzkin.

Well, let’s have a look at the changing of the guard…