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Perfect Timing

My wife and I both purchased a Subaru from Ogilvie Motors last month. I ordered a Forester Touring Standard Transmission and my wife ordered a Impreza Sport also standard transmission. My Forester is not expected until 3-5 weeks but Chantal’s Impreza came in last week. We had installed the film rock protection on the bumper, hood and fenders so the car was only ready yesterday. We also had ordered Nokian Winter Tires that also only came in yesterday.

Now for the timing aspect. WE ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BIGGEST SNOW STORM THIS YEAR!  Snow donuts comes to mind. It started snowing yesterday morning and has not stopped. The car was buried this morning and all our neighbors were out snow blowing the end of the driveway where the snow plow made a four-foot bank of snow. I felt that this step was really unnecessary now to get Chantal off to work.  So we shovelled a path to the car, swept off the snow and then Chantal just put her into reverse gear and stepped on the gas. I was hoping to get a great video but some how it is a bit unfocused at the best part because I put my phone in a plastic bag :(. But it is still very impressive to watch…


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