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Mark this day down for 2016. November 19th, 2016 was the last riding day! At least for me…

It is now the following day at 7:00 AM that I write this post. I look out the window and it is raining as I await for the rain to turn into the one foot of snow predicted by the weatherman. Obviously I hope he is wrong but I can see the snow falling west of us on the television and they say we are in the storm’s path. Once the snow is down, so comes the salt trucks. Once the salt is all over the roads my riding season ends because salt is the worst enemy for rust in those places so hard to get clean on a bike. The only exception to that would be if all the snow melted and we had a good few days of steady rain and then warm weather to follow. Unlikely but never impossible. Another thing to pray about tonight.

So after changing the oil on Chantal’s bike yesterday morning I put away the garden furniture and such before the snow arrives. I had changed the oil in the snow blower last week with the plugs and got it ready for winter. The two bikes and the Abarth have had SeaFoam gas treatment and Shell V-Power gas since last week to prepare them for winter. I don’t like having the ethanol in my gas normally and especially not during a winter slumber.

So after all was buckled down and ready for the snow I decided to take one last ride.

The ride before the storm.

I set out to get some groceries but decided to ride to Orleans instead of getting them locally. Orleans is a nice 30-45 minute ride through the country roads. Once there I took a turn and headed to Petrie Island Park to take a few pictures. I also stopped here and there alone the ride to capture some last moments before the snow. The leaves had all fallen and of course I wasn’t the only one getting ready for winter. Every time I looked up I could see miles and miles of geese flying south.

So here are a few of my photos of late fall moments before the snow arrives…

Last Ride 2016

Last Ride 2016

Last Ride 2016

Lonely baron country road.

Last Ride 2016

No leaves.,

last ride 2016

Farmers fields ready for winter

Geese flying south

V-shaped geese flying south

Geese Flying South

Geese Flying South

Update: 10:00 AM  November 20, 2016

The Snow Begins…