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So I have had three bones removed from my wrist (proximal row carpectomy) and it makes flipping or turning things using a wrist action very difficult. I also cannot put weight on my wrist or lift/pull something heavy because I have no cartilage between my arm bone and the remaining three bones that hold my hand on. My hand is now held on to my arm by tissue, muscle and tendons. So lifting heavy items hurts and trying to turn or flip them while I lift them is even worse.

Below is my many attempts at getting my cedar canoe onto my CRV roof rack alone. Try not to laugh too hard or cry too much…. (LOL)

Any constructive suggestions would be greatly appreciated. However, please note I love this canoe and also the CRV does not fit into the garage with the canoe on top. It is 3 inches too high unfortunately since it would make loading it from the wall rails to the roof rack a piece of cake. I am considering changing cars.