Chantal was always skittish and nervous about cornering. I mostly would slow down around corners when riding with her. But after spending a full day at the Calabogie Race Track under the direction of the excellent coaches and rabbits of the BMW Ottawa ART School, she has conquered her fears and is now leaning into corners properly with confidence. At the end of the day she comments to me “ I want to buy a race bike and spend more time on a track”.

On the way home from Calabogie the roads are curvy and more curvy (anything but straight) and to my surprise I was able to attack the corners and while exiting I would look into my rear view mirror to see Chantal right behind me.


I myself did not take the course and now I regret it since I will have to wait until next year.

ART School

The Ottawa BMW Club is planning its 9th annual Advanced Rider Training School at Calabogie Motorsport Park, one hour west of Ottawa. The overall program will be similar to last year’s; experienced coaches will lead small groups of 4 to 6 students through a series of progressive lessons in the classroom and on the track with the objective of improving your riding, cornering and general bike handling skills. Only 50 students can be accommodated.

Pictures for Everyone

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