Does anybody who follows this blog think for a second that me purchasing a second canoe within one year and selling my SportsPal is out of the question?

I think not! Well today my wife and I are extremely pleased with my purchase of a really old Peterborough Canoe that we had it in the water paddling an hour after picking it up. This canoe is something special. It was owned by a wealthy gentleman who had two 16 foot long canoes hanging over his dining room table, so I was told. I cannot imagine the size of his house. Never the less, he unfortunately is forced to sell his house and belongings due to sickness and wanted this special canoe to go to someone who would cherish it.

Now that is where I came in. We believe by the serial numbers engraved in the bow boards and by the size measurements that it was built by Peterborough Canoe Company in 1910. The gentleman who owned the canoe had it completely refurbished  10-15 years ago before he hung it up over his dining room table. It had never seen a drop of water in over 20 years until today.

My wife and I took it to Petrie Island and put it in the water. It paddled wonderfully and it did not leak one drop of water. Additionally we did not add a scratch to the perfect hull. It is simply a beautiful boat and the workmanship is just amazing. It is so reminiscent of calmer less stressful times. No Kevlar, plastic, fiberglass or other light weight futuristic materials but rather cedar wood, canvas, paint and some brass.

Have a look…

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