I have the following Items for sale:

Garmin Tire Pressure Monitors – Asking $ 100.00


I purchased these with my ZUMO GPS just before I purchased a BMW to find out that the BMW has tire sensors built into their system. Therefore I do not use them. They cost $ 164.00 plus tax in the stores. or more. I’m asking $ 100.00 or best offer. Please check your Garmin Device to ensure that they are compatible. The list can be found on the garmin sitre:


Easily Monitor Tire Pressure

Our Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor (TPMS) enables you to monitor your motorcycle’s tire pressure easily and conveniently, as you ride. The system works with up to 4 tires in any configuration (not intended for automotive use). One TPMS sensor is required for each tire (sold separately; metal valve stems only).

Tire Pressure Information At A Glance

Fasten 1 TPMS sensor to each metal tire valve stem, then pair TPMS with your zūmo® 390. TPMS uses ANT technology to deliver pressure data wirelessly to your zūmo 390. View the real-time data right on your zūmo display.

TPMS lets you set custom pressure thresholds. If tire pressure changes, TPMS issues an alert. TPMS also enables you to monitor tire pressure trends over time. With TPMS, it’s possible to detect a slow leak before it becomes a bigger problem.

Small and Smart

TPMS is the smallest motorcycle tire pressure sensor on the market. Each TPMS sensor is powered by a single, replaceable battery that may last up to 18 months, depending on individual use. To preserve battery life, TPMS rests in low-power mode, then “wakes up” when movement is detected.


KLIM Inversion Jacket  Size Medium – Asking $ 120.00

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Make an Offer – I wore this only once. Never had a need to wear it.
No other jacket has been more versatile in KLIM®’s non-insulated outerwear collection than the class-act Inversion. Completely redesigned, the Inversion still provides exclusive GORE WINDSTOPPER® weather protection in a highly breathable active jacket while adding lighter weight, 4-way stretch materials to make the fit and comfort better than ever. The all-new Inversion Jacket is the perfect way to show your riding passion in comfortable, durable, functional style.

MRA X-CREEN Sport Windshield for BMW F700GS – Make Offer!

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The X-creen features an infinitely adjustable
spoiler at the top of a SportScreen-shaped windshield. The adjustable
spoiler can be used to redirect airflow to suit the rider.

Ultimate Bead Rider Seat – $ 55.00


Fits BMW GS Perfectly and most other bikes.

Several years ago, BeadRider began testing different materials as an option to their Classic wooden beads, to improve the quality and durability of the seats.

The UBR is constructed with reinforced ceramic composite beads that are designed to keep you cooler, drier and more comfortable in even the harshest conditions.

During months of torture testing by some very serious riders, the UBR withstood everything BeadRider threw at it and looks and feels new to this day. The UBR seat is made to last years, whether you ride 1,000 miles a year, or 100,000 miles a year.

The Ultimate BeadRider seat comes standard with marine quality straps to attach to the saddle.

Isn’t it time you leave the Monkey Butt and stiff achy hip joints behind and treat yourself to a cooler, less pressure point type of ride?

And hey…. New York Cabbies don’t use beaded seats in their taxi cabs for 12 hours straight for no reason…… other than THEY WORK!!