These gloves could be the best motorcycle gloves ever except for their quality in the sizing department. They are made of a subtle deerskin that is tough enough to protect your hands but soft enough to provide extreme comfort, especially on long rides.

I had ordered my first pair last year. I wanted the black and tan as opposed to the plain black. However the online store only had a large in the black and tan and a medium in black. They agreed to send both and I mailed back (my cost) the one that did not fit. However, I almost kept the black and tan but there was a slight difference in the size between the black medium and large black and tan such that the medium was actually more comfortable. I was a bit disappointed but I loved the fit of the black.

I decided later to order a black and tan size medium (like the black ones) but they were way to small. Watch the video below.

The problem is that they are expensive gloves and to order three or four pairs to try on, hopefully find one that fits and then mail the balance back (at your cost) and finally request and wait for a credit for the balance seems like too much effort, no matter how great they may be.


The following is from the manufactures website (www.leeparksdesign.com)