I knew that I ate too much, drank too much and well just wondered off the beaten path of health this winter but yesterday I made a video for a friend on how to cook salmon with Quinoas and Vegetables in 6.5 Minutes and only 15-Minutes cook time and suddenly realized exactly how many extra bulges (love handles in another life)  I have grown over the last three months.

In fact, I tried on my KLIM motorcycle pants and I can’t imagine they would be comfortable for too long a ride. So today I start back on the straight and narrow with my proper eating, cooking and exercise program so I fit better into my KLIM Pants before April. That’s like two weeks!!!

I may not be 100 % there but I should be well on my way. Here is the video that created this panic and it also demonstrates how to cook an excellent salmon (which is in fact healthy)! I imagine I will be cooking this and other such fish like Sea Bass and Mahi Mahi every night for the rest of the summer (my life).


Am I the only one who gained weight this winter?