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Yes it is true that every once and a while you suddenly realize that someone you know, someone who has invited you into their home or someone who shares your interests suddenly becomes famous.

I guess that is true with every celebrity. I try to imagine what it would be like growing up or going to school with Mary Tyler Moore or Kurt Russell and what our relationship would be today after they became famous.

Well, I think I will finally get to answer that question. The answer has eluded me ever since I watched the Mary Tyler Moore show and wondered about growing up with her.

For those who followed my blog since the beginning can remember that the blog was originally named Vespa Adventures. Much has changed since then including my ride.

A local Vespa rider who did much to get me started into riding again three years ago has become famous! He has entered the world of television interviews. His commitment to the Vespa, his blog and his family (probably not listed in the proper order) has finally paid off for him.

I am referring to David Masse, the author of “Life on two wheels” and an avid Vespa rider.

I wonder if he will still invite me for an Ice Tea when I ride through Pointe Claire (his home town) or if he will share the great wealth he will surely acquire after enjoying his success?

Time will tell… But until then I congratulate you David for an amazing interview. For those of you who wish to watch David as he rises to fame, click the video below (you will have to sit through a commercial or two before the Show Begins):