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We have yet another full week of vacation up at Irwin’s Inn on Stoney Lake. This time we decided to take the Abarth and pack a few more things that we could not take with our BMW F700GSs such as some food items, croquet set and so on.

WP_20150812_08_09_57_ProHere she rests for most of the week while we enjoy ourselves in the sun and on the lake.  This is one of the original outages built by the Irwin Family back in the late 1940s. They have since built many more modern cottages by the lake that are far more beautiful but we enjoy the nostalgic trip down memory lane as well as the screened in old porch with a table and a few sofas to relax in at night with candles.

WP_20150809_21_08_19_ProHere we are enjoying our evening playing a very competitive game of cribbage with the dollar store candles that we brought up in the Abarth (yet another few items that would be challenging to pack on a bike).

I have to admit that Chantal has won quite a few more games against me than I ever expected. My late father would be proud of her and he is probably cheeriing her on from heaven.

During the day we are swimming, kayaking, canoeing and I have mastered the sport of stand-up paddle boarding. I quite enjoy it and can almost see one in my garage in the near future. Below Is short video of my newly acquired skill. Well it is early morning and I can smell the breakfast cooking from the Inn and my stomach is beginning to growl. Chantal is up and we are ready to enjoy our breakfast and the start of another wonderful day. I shall publish this and sign off…