Well not too much to report on the riding side except that Chantal has exchanged her steed from one that consumes petrol to one that consumes grass, oats and hay. She is off have yet another equestrian lesson as I relax in the sun typing this post. we have enjoyed our stay and the meals are extra delicious and unexpected. The staff is going out of their way to accommodate us. For example, yesterday we WP_20150707_14_33_43_Prowere planning to meet friends that we had not seen since sixteen years who live in Peterborough. We had made reservations for dinner with a special order of Sangria.However the weather was to wild thunderstorms later in the day and heavy rain at night. Our friends are in their 70s so we thought it best that they come up the country mountain roads earlier for lunch and get home before dinner. The problem was the Inn does not serve lunches on Monday or Tuesday. But when I mentioned the change to the Jennifer at the front desk at Irwin Inn she said to not worry and that they would entertain us in the dining room. So we had the best seat in the dining room overlooking the lake (we were the only ones) and they had prepared a wonderful choice for my guests and the Sangria was also ready. What’s with the Sangria you may ask? Well I have to say that Jennifer makes it fresh with a recipe embedded in her head that she is just unwilling to share other than to prepare it for us. I think it is their one of their many secret weapons to entice us to come back again.

I did some fishing and I have to say that I m thoroughly embarrassed about my catch. Yes, if you look close enough you will see a fish in the picture below and it is not the bait fish (LOL).


Today is the Irwin Family’s fish fry and we are looking forward to that.  It was that fish fry sixteen years ago whereby I spent hours filleting thirty or more sunfish that my son had caught during his fishing competition. I just finished tying up up some rapala knots on some new floating rapalas which I intend to try out this afternoon.


So far we are relaxed and are enjoying our vacation. Forecast today: SUNNY and WARM!