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So the title of this year’s vacation is Payback. It is absolute bliss compared to last years vacation, well weather-wise at least. Today is in the 80s and we went fishing with our boat rental, swimming in the lake, sun bathing and Chantal had an equestrian lesson. The day is not done and we still have the beautiful sunset over the lake to look forward to. So this is payback for last year’s terrible rains.

What’s special about Irwin In is the memories we have. It’s like visiting a treasured place in the past. Almost like being beamed through time. The owners have aged ever so slightly, the older buildings seem to be sloping just a little more than they were years ago. But the warm country cottage feeling on the lake, the people, the smiles on the children’s faces all remain the same. I remember one of our greatest vacations here at Irwin Inn almost sixteen years ago when my children were ten years old. The look on my son Kyle’s face when he won the fishing contest and then the look on my face when he wanted me to filet 30 sunfish for dinner. My daughter who enjoyed the pool and and the camp fires. You see Irwin Inn  is a family resort with little romantic hide-aways for those who desire those special moments.

I dread the day the owners may eventually sell Irwin Inn and it changes. I am certain that this day will happen and that the change will be for the better. But today I appreciate the beautiful time capsule and the wonderful memories I have of spending time here with Chantal, Kyle and Heather. My sister and her daughter spent time with us as well as my parents who would enjoy driving up for the day from Cobourg. I remember the smile on my father’s face as he watched the children swim. My dad passed last year so even a memory of his smile is precious.

My children are grown up and busy building their lives in Toronto and Oakville and like all young adults they have no time for just hanging around the lake. So this week it is just Chantal and I and hopefully a fish or two. So far it has being wonderful just the two of us Smile