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The sun was out and the temperature reached the 80s. But before I tell you about our day I first just have to tell you about an incident in the restaurant at dinner. We were seated in a lovely outside screened porch area that was the best seats in the house. Vines had grown around the screens and they had draped sheered material gathered in the center of the ceiling on the roof. Rice paper lights hung down and made the room very romantic. There were only four tables there, two that seated four and two that seated two. We were seated first in the room then came another young couple. Chantal had gone to the lady’s room and I happened to over hear this young couples conversation. They seemed to be in the “first Dating” scene. Anyhow, they had ordered the sweetbread appetizers with lamb as a main course.

I too ordered the sweetbread appetizer but selected the pickerel with clams, scallops and such as my main course. We were served almost at the same time. At one point I glanced over to observe the young couple searching their plates for some breads that were sweet and they both voiced their opinion about how there was no sweet bread in the sweetbreads.

Well if you know me you know that I could not pass this opportunity down. So I turned to Chantal and began to speak using a voice level just loud enough for this young couple to over hear. I said to Chantal “The first time I had sweetbreads was in an Argentinian restaurant whereby they placed all of the organ meat on one large grill and then  brought all of the barbequed organs to the tables on a big plate with beef steaks as well”  At this point Chantal smiled because she caught on to what I was doing. I then continued “I liked them so much that I purchased some sweetbreads a month later to cook on my grill but I have to say that although they are delicious, handling them and getting them on the grill was difficult because they were so gross looking with veins running through their pink flesh. But once grilled, they are like any other meat with a nice and unique texture”

The young couple immediately took out their phones and started to Google sweetbreads. The next thing I saw was their disgust at what they just ate. Her tongue pointed out of her mouth with the index finger pointing in to suggest that she was about to regurgitate her appetizer. I listened carefully to the conversation about how they had no idea and how shocked they were. They immediately ordered a glass of water and a large glass of wine which they consumed rather quickly. I chuckled inside while Chantal gave me that “you shouldn’t have” smirky smile.

Well I just had to share that. Back to the beginning of the day. We started at breakfast and met the other guests at the Bed and Breakfast. There was one couple touring Ontario who were from England and another your couple from Toronto who were cyclists and they were enjoying all the back roads of Picton. I had a wonderful omelet with a fresh garden salad for breakfast. They had offered French Toast, Pancakes and/or eggs any style with bacon and roasted potatoes with a fresh garden salad. 

We then decided to take a ride through the country roads and stop at a local antique barn that was talked about at breakfast then head to the beach. I tried multiple times to put the address of the antique barn (MacCools Antiques) into my Garmin 390L b but it just would not accept it. I tried County Road 12, Road 12, Highway 12, 12 #12, County 12 and finally F%$#king 12 to no avail. So I ripped out the portion of map I needed and stuck it into the top of my tank bag. I thought to myself that this is the first time I had done that since the 1980s.

We made it to the beach and the weather was hot and sunny but the water was still in the process of warming up for the summer. That is my polite way of saying that it was cold. But heck, I went in and I have a movie to prove it. It wasn’t quite a Mid-winter  ice dunk but it certainly cleared my mind. You can notice how few people were actually in the water as opposed to sun bathing.

We laid on the beach and absorbed the sun (a little too much absorption by the end of the day) and read the latest issue of BMW ON. By 3:00 we headed back to the B&B to get cleaned up for dinner. Well, you know how that went…