We left Russell (Ottawa) at around 10:30 AM and we took the back roads through Smith Falls, Westport and then down to Bath which left us 29 Kilometers from the ferry to Picton on the other side of Kingston. The road down from Westport was definitely designed and built by a biker because it was just full of twists and turns for a good hour. So much so I had to slow down on a few especially for Chantal.

We arrived early so we had a wonderful lunch downtown Picton at Portabellas. We had a smoked salmon and asparagus salad with a cream and gluten free potato and vegetable soup.

We arrived at Away in the Country to be greeted by their free roaming chickens. However, by the time the camera came out an hour later they were back in their coop.

The best part about this trip as opposed to last year’s trip was no rain and no flat tire (I knocked on wood when I typed that) Click here to review last year’s adventure.

We look forward to a wonderful breakfast and the beach and fishing is on today’s agenda.