I think it is worth mentioning the excellent service that I have had with our two new BMW F700 GS motorcycles. Although I did not purchase the bikes at Ottawa Good Time Center their service treats us as special as any other customer.

I had taken my bike in for the 10,000 Kilometer (6,200 logogo2Miles) plus to have a steering bearing replaced under warranty because it was developing a flat spot.

They made the appointment for me to arrive at 1:00 PM and promised to be completed at 5:00 PM. At 4:40 I saw the mechanic James dressed up in is gear taking my bike for a test ride. Upon his return he took the time to explain all that he did and answered many questions that I had about the bike.

James definitely knew all about my bike and I was impressed with his enthusiasm about the F700GS. He made me feel like the bike was perfect for me and he complimented me on the methods I used to install my farkles.

But after that I had to get the final tally and pay the piper to release my F700GS hostage. Since they changed brake fluids, oils, inspections and such I expected the bill to be much higher than it was. My cost? $ 260.00!

So far the $ 700.00/Year savings that I get on the insurance compared to a Honda as fully paid for the maintenance to date and I expect it will balance out even at the end of the year.

Well, thank you James and all of the staff at Ottawa Good Time Center for a service job Well Done.

I would write more but guess where I’m going….(riding :))