Can I boast a ride full of twisties on a hot summer’s day? Unfortunately not. This trip was more to visit multiple family members in a short period of time. My Uncle in Simcoe, Daughter in Oakville, Mother in Cobourg, Sister in Grafton and the owner of Motorcycle Innovations and the BMW Dealer in Ajax.

The weather was mixed. We left Friday in the rain. We rode from Russell to Ajax first to visit the BMW Dealer and Matt from Motorcycle Innovation. The rain was mostly light and was on and off all the way up the 401. We stopped for gas at one point and I met a new Canadian friend.

However, we then had to ride back to Grafton to spend the night with my sister and that ride was in pouring rain during the late afternoon. This is a very short clip of “Riding in the Rain” not to be confused with “Singing in the Rain”.

My brother-in-law barbequed Turkey Breasts and my sister cooked up stir fried veggies. After dinner they introduced us to their newest addition to their fleet of vehicles which was a Baya Dirt Bike (rather short) and we all had some fun trying it out as well as their Ruckus.


Saturday turned out to be a perfect day and actually so did Sunday. That is when we really put on some kilometers. We rode to Simcoe to visit my Uncle. He showed us his latest train and we had a nice lunch with him and my Aunt.


We then left to Oakville to stop and visit my daughter Heather. Finally we headed back to Cobourg to spend the night at the Woodlawn Inn.


We unpacked at the Inn and relaxed at the bar over a glass of wine while we decided what to do that evening.

We had eaten at the Woodlawn Inn often and was never disappointed but I thought that I would take Mike Fritz on a walking tour of Cobourg and show him the wonderful beaches and the historic downtown.

From there I thought that we could try an old favorite restaurant called the Oasis Oyster Bar and that is what we did. We also did a bit of window shopping down town.

On the way back we found a cool Tequila Bar down a dark alley road. We stopped in and had a margarita before heading back to the room. I like this place and will do a write up as soon as I receive some pictures from them.

On the way home Chantal rode to Gananoque to meet us for lunch at Riva Italian Restaurant.


Mike parted paths at Gananoque and Chantal and I decided to take the very long and twistie ride home 🙂

All-in-all – A Great Three Days!