This past weekend was both entertaining, relaxing, enjoyable and perfect, right down to the very last second of the ride.

I decided to ride down through the back roads with Mike Fritz to Cobourg and take my Mom out to a fancy restaurant for diner. On the way we had stopped in Kingston for a lunch at my favorite little Sea Food Restaurant. As always we stayed at the Woodlawn’s Inn in Cobourg and were treated like royalty. In fact the owner had ordered up a special thick Tuna Steak for me know my love for fish. The waitress read the specials for the evening and mention that this one was offered to this table only.  My mom was all dressed up and she truly appreciated the night out. What made this such a perfect ride was the weather, traffic and company. It was so perfect, so enjoyable and so entertaining that I did not even take a  moment away from it to take any picture until the last second. On our ride back the weather forecasted rain. We were ready with the Gor-Tex Klim but it was so hot and humid I kept my Rev-It air pants on waiting to change when it rains.

It never rained. Well almost. The ride home was about 6-7 hours and on the last 20 minutes riding through corn fields it was raining on the right side of me but not on the road. There was a terrible looking black cloud hovering over Russell (my city) and the sky was lighting up in the foreground.

I arrived home with just enough time to open the garage and put the bike in before the thunder, lighting and rain began…

Arriving Home – The Sky before the Storm

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2-Minutes Later