The day started at 6:30 AM this morning when Chantal left at 1 degrees C to ride down to Cornwall for her last day of the M2 Exit Course. I had to move the Abarth out of the way so I know it was a cold ride for her. The day quickly warmed up for my ride with the Ottawa BMW Motorcycle Club at 11:00 AM. We were to meet at the Tim Horton’s  on Bank just before Hunt Club Road coming from Russell. by this time the temperature was over 12 degrees and climbing.  I still appreciated a warm coffee when I arrived at the starting point.

The ride was taking routes right through my riding back yard. These are the roads I ride every day or at least every second day on the BMW while the other days in the Abarth so I know them well. However I am certain that those coming from the city really appreciate the curvy country roads with little to no traffic.

Over 20 members showed up and we took the back roads to Kemptville where we stopped at Shoeless Joes for lunch. I had a great walnut and berry salad with a salmon filet.

As always, here is the video…

Watch it in full screen set to HD if your internet is fast enough 🙂