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I spent the last two days in the Abarth driving from Russell to Cobourg, Simcoe and so on. There are many stories to tell such as I nearly stopped to buy the cutest baby goat in a tiny town on the way to seeing my Bike shop on my Uncle’s train set-up.

But the real story was the discovery of the most ingenious wine tool that I have ever seen. I stopped for the night at the Woodlawn Inn in Cobourg and Stephen Della Casa one of the owners demonstrated their new wine precision instrument that enables them to access a corked bottle of wine and remove exactly one glass without actually breaking the seal or removing the cork. Testers of this system have proven that the wine quality, taste and aroma remains unchanged after such an access for over a year. You can imagine what an invaluable tool this is to a Fine Restaurant such as the Woodlawn Inn but even more so to someone who appreciates wine and would like a glass now and then of vintage premium wines without having to open the bottle.

Imagine having multiple bottles of wine in your collection and having the option to offer your guests a glass one one type and then a glass of another without any spoilage. Watch as Stephen Della Casa demonstrates how it works:


I would just like to say thank you to Stephan for this demonstration and it certainly opens the doors to a new future of enjoying just one glass of wine.