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Although I have chosen not to perform the maintenance on the Abarth like I do on the bikes, it still gets taken care of. I may consider performing more of the maintenance in the future, but most of it is difficult to do without specialized equipment. This is my normal spring maintenance. I will change the oil once again this year just before putting her away for storage.

Tuesday morning I had a 6:00 AM appointment at Capital Fiat (in Kanata) on a sunny day for the Abarth and took her out on the road for the first time this year. She ran great! Now the competition begins between the Abarth and the F700GS for my time…

  • Change Oil & Filter – Use Only Pennzoil Ultra 5W- 40
  • Inspect:
    • Front Suspension
    • Engine Coolant
    • Exhaust
    • Air Cleaner
    • Overall inspection (after sleeping all winter)
  • Rotate Tires and then adjust tire pressure
    • Please torque Lug to spec = 75 FT. LBS
    • Front Tire Pressure = 38 PSI
    • Rear Tire Pressure = 32 PSI
  • Clean Brakes Service
  • Lubricate Sliding Roof Racks
  • Perform Wheel Alignment
  • Install Chrome Fuel Cap as per supplied instruction
  • Perform Software Update for starting issue whereby many cranks are required to start the engine.
  • Fiat Released TSB 18-007-14 REV B dated October 18th, 2014 supersedes TSB 18-007-14 REV A dated August 14, 2014.
  • Also any other software updates (especially if there is one for Blue Tooth)
  • Readers Installed on Wheels for Wheel Alignment


    Chrome Fuel Cover

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