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The bikes are home and now the long list of accessories installations begin. This time in pairs, two sets of lights, two sets of grips, etc…

The only real decision is when I do the first install whether I test it out on my bike or Chantal’s?

Yesterday I installed the Ultra Bright LED turn signal lights made especially for BMW motorcycles since they are designed to work seamlessly with the BMW and they  adopt a revolutionary design that allows for HID bulbs to be even more powerful than OEM H7 halogen bulbs, without overheating or throwing error codes.

You can buy these by clicking the logo at the end of this post if you like.

The installation is simple and fast. You will need:

  1. One very small Phillips screw driver
  2. A set of cotton gloves (to handle the LED bulbs)

Before I explain the installation process which is basically outlined in the owner’s manual, lets have a look at the difference between the stock bulbs and these LED Bulbs:

Installation Guide

The first step is to remove the cover by removing the tiny screw in the front corner of the turn signal light.

WP_20150414_14_53_22_Pro WP_20150414_14_54_17_Pro WP_20150414_14_54_24_Pro

Once you remove the turn signal cover you turn the light bulb approximately 1/4 turn counter clock wise and then gently pull it out. It may require a steady strong pull but it will slide out.

Once the light bulb is out, put on your cotton gloves to handle the LED light bulbs. It is important that you do not touch them and get oils from your fingers on them. I leave them in their bag and open the bag with scissors wearing the cotton gloves. Then there are two notches that you must line up to insert the new bulb. Once lined up you push the bulb into place and then turn it approximately a 1/4 turn to lock it into place.

Handling the Bulb

WP_20150414_14_55_25_Pro WP_20150414_14_55_31_Pro

Inserting The Bulb with Notches Lined Up

 WP_20150414_14_58_38_Pro WP_20150414_14_58_54_Pro  WP_20150414_14_55_56_Pro

If you gently remove the reflector panel, you can have a look behind and confirm that the notch is in it’s locking position if you like.


Once the new LED bulb is inserted, you replace the cover and screw in the tiny screw. It should be tight but not too tight to crack the plastic.