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So spring is almost here. I can smell it, its a week or two away. So in preparation for spring there is much to do. One is to get the battery back into the Fiat Abarth and start her up. Another is to plan a trip to Ajax Ontario (about a 5 1/2 hour motorcycle ride) to pick-up and get our new BMW F-700 Gs motorcycles.

Today however I have decided to start the Abarth. Last year when I did this she made a terrible scream the first few cranks before she sprung to life. So I made a video planning to record her war scream as she comes back from hibernation. Mike Fritz was over to help with the video and to my surprise she just started with no scream, no effort and it was if she had never hibernated.

I am not 100% certain why this is except that last fall about a week before she went into storage I had changed the oil. I think that this will now become part of my winter storage plan from now on. If you want to hear how smooth she started, the video is below….