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There is a bit of history to today’s events. Two days ago I decided to take out  the battery from the Abarth so I unwrapped her and began to loosen the battery cables when I dropped my wrench into the black abyss of an Abarth engine.

DSC01450I tried to get it using a magnetic extender, lights, hooks and more but just could not find it. I realized that it may not be in a very good spot at all so definitely would want to find it before starting the engine and driving it away in the spring.  In fact I would wake up in the middle of the night thinking of another approach to finding the hidden wrench and removing it from its hiding place. But every morning I failed. So I sent out an electronic invitation to Michael Fritz who is really good at this sort of stuff and has long arms and fingers which could be useful. This is a copy of my invitation (LOL)

My Electronic Invitation

So Michael came a day early knowing that he may save me yet another sleepless night and we removed the battery together. Unfortunately it did not give us much more space to see down under. We tried to remove the air intake pipes but were afraid to snap the plastic since it was cold. We had portable light shining under, over and sideways trying to see a reflection of the shiny wrench. Then finally out of frustration, Michael (the HERO today) banged the plastic bottom under the engine from under the car and we heard the wrench  jump. Eureka! now we new where it was. So Michael constructed a curved tool out of the broken telescopic magnet that I had DSC01443broken yesterday in one of my attempts. He wiggled and jiggled it until the he was able to see it next to a small opening whereby he could use his long fingers and get that wrench!

And then finally, the clink sound of the wrench falling on the cement floor. It was music to my ears. I then closed the bonnet and wrapped her back up until spring. We brought the battery downstairs and connected to the Optimate.

So in total appreciation, I have issued this certificate to Michael Fritz…

A Special Certificate Award for Michael Fritz

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