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For years I always avoided the BMW dealerships in fear  of sticker price heart attack. But since my recent purchase I am slowly beginning to understand to complete picture with respect to BMWs.  I may evenBMW_logo consider a BMW car now that I understand. Sticker price is only one factor in ownership satisfaction and cost efficiency.

For example, my wife’s insurance on the 2003 Honda Shadow 750 Spirit that had a value of $ 3,000.00 cost $ 1,600.00/Year because she still does not have her full M license. When we changed the insurance from the Shadow to a brand new BMW F700 GS that cost $ 14,000.00 the insurance went down to $ 1,000.00.

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That is more than a $600.00 savings each year. That pays for all of the yearly maintenance.

The BMW requires one maintenance per year or every 12,000 Kilometers. Generally the cost is under $ 400.00.

On a car, the maintenance is included on a new car. This makes buying a certified used BMW car such a great purchase since you can be assured that all of the maintenance was performed properly by a BMW dealer. Why wouldn’t it? it does not cost the owner a penny.

When I was purchasing the F700s I looked at certified pre-owned BMWs and was shocked at the condition and prices. They were far less than the cost of my Fiat Abarth and they looked brand new inside and out.

Additionally, they are extremely fun to drive (ride) and are always one of the safest cars on the road.

Finally I have noticed that people with BMWs seem to keep them for years. My friend Steve at Woodlawn Inn has had his BMW sedan for more than 8 years. My accountant Jeffrey Katz has had his motorcycle since the 1990s.

BMW owners seem to love them, keep them and if they decide to part with their car or bike, they almost always buy another BMW.

If I consider what I have spent on cars and bikes in the last 10-years, I can not imagine what I would have saved if I just purchased a BMW car and Bike. They would be long paid for and still running strong.

I have always learned the hard way, but at least I eventually get it!

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