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When we think Triumph we think British. However this is a German made Triumph. British bikes started in 1902 with a German plant following in 1903. Both factories built bikes very similar until 1929 when the Germans started to build MAG and SACH engines. After the second world war the factory merged with Adler in 1956 and many Hercules mopeds had the Triumph badge.

The Contessa was manufactured between 1955-1957 and had a 197 ccm two-stroke engine and a top speed of 50 mph.

I took a picture of the floor board of this scooter since there seemed to be many foot controls. I really am not certain what they all did and I could not find much information on it. Here is an enlargement of the foot controls. It seems to have a throttle on the right handle and brakes/clutch on the handles as well. foot controls