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Cleaning the chain, the sprocket and the grease and grime from the back wheel can be a chore if you are by yourself. However, I found this cool wheel cleaning system that allows me to rotate the back wheel myself to get 100 % access to the sprocket, wheel and chain. You simply back the back wheel onto the rollers, use a hockey puck thing to raise the kickstand to compensate for the height and then Velcro to lock the front wheels. See the video below. Of course you put the bike in neutral in order to turn the wheel.

Today I cleaned everything, lubricated the chain and it took under 20 minutes. I ordered the chain and wheel cleaner from eBay here for only $ 39.00.

wheel cleaner

Have a look at how clean and nice everything is:

WP_20141003_001 WP_20141003_002 WP_20141003_004 WP_20141003_005

Here is a video on how it works…