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My love affair with the Fiat 500 really started with their marketing campaign. If web2 you remember the commercial with the Fiat Abarth and Charlie Sheen when he was actually under house arrest, that is the one that piqued my interest in the car. Then came the advertisement with the sunbather in a bikini having her top removed by a scorpion. Well, after watching that commercial along with hundreds of YouTube videos about the car, I had ordered the vanity plate “ABARTC” in preparation to buying the car.

Now, here is another commercial that just piques my interest again. Not that I need, want or will buy another Fiat since I am very happy with my ABARTH C, I still love their marketing campaign. Perhaps this commercial will entice you to walk in and test drive a FIAT?

Fiat 500X


Other Amazing Commercials

If you have not seen some of their earlier commercials, I have put my favorites together for you…