After last weekend’s ride to Cobourg and Oshawa whereby I froze my hands and body, I decided to jump on board with the heated clothing trend up here in the north. I considered glove liners with jacket liners but with my right hand issue, I found that having the liner with an additional glove made it close to impossible for me to close my fingers to grip and therefore dangerous on the bike.

After trying many different types of gloves, I found one pair from Venture that WP_20140923_005 was made with a nice subtle leather did not require a break in period. So I purchased these from Ottawa Goodtime Center. They are an older model that does not have the temperature settings on the glove, but they work! Additionally I purchased the jacket liner that comes with a controller on the jacket and also a wireless controller to mount on the handle bars. I considered mounting the wireless, but I presently have sufficient gadgets on my handlebars and adding yet another would creep closer to a jet’s cockpit instead of a motorcycle. The gloves have no adjustment but the jacket has three settings that can easily be WP_20140923_004adjusted at the bottom left side of the liner where there is a small plastic button to push.

The jacket requires 7 amps and the gloves 2.2 amps. The fuses and the fuse settings in the PDM60 do not have decimal settings. Therefore I will set the amps in the PDM 60 at 10 Amps.

The installation went smooth. A few seconds actually. I first connected the PDM 60 to my tablet and adjusted circuit 4 for the heated clothing to start 7 seconds after ignition and also set the amps.

Setting Up the PDM 60

Once set-up, I just used the posi-taps to connect the red positive wire to the PDM-60 and added the black wire to the PDM60 Ground bus with all the others.

The Honda CTX700N had a small groove under the seat in the perfect spot originally designed for a helmet strap. But look how nice it is for the Female plug for the venture heated clothing.


Now ironically, after all this I am ready to ride warm. But check out the forecast for the next week?


I think riding is like that. If you have no tire plug kit, you get a flat. No warm clothes, it gets cold. No rain suit, it rains….