For years I have used posi-taps and always tapped into power where ever and when ever I needed it. But times are changing and with the newer motorcycles that use computer management of their existing wiring, then tapping into these is not always a safe and best choice.

Furthermore, every added device such as a GPS or heated clothing has their own fuse.

The PDM 60 eliminates the need for these fuses (you can remove the devices fuses from the line) and it provides 6-circuits to connect up to 6 devices. Furthermore, the PDM60 connects via a cable to your tablet and you may adjust and set the amps for each circuit fuse, a delayed start up and shut off. For example, you can have all your devices with a 7 second delay so that all power is sent to the starter when staring your bike.

It is simple to install and simple to use. I made a short video describing the PDM 60.



Also Have a Look at this Video: