So those of you who know me know that it is in fact my Birthday. It is the big 55! Now I can get a buffet meal for half price every Tuesday and Thursday at the local Casino. They refer to me now as a “Senior Citizen” Ha!

Many view motorcycles as the ultimate in Freedom. As a rider you are free to VIRB0179 roam about the country. Well, this weekend was my present to myself and I referred to the three day ride as Freedom 55.

I rode through the beautiful northern states of Vermont, New York and New Hampshire.

The weather offered up a perfect two days of riding, hot and sunny. We hit a little rain on the way home but nothing to complain about.

Although I have a camera on the bike, it is really impossible to relay the beauty of these northern states, especially going through the mountains. Seeing it on a motorcycle where you have almost near 360 degree vision with no cages in the way is the perfect way to experience this country. If you have never had the opportunity to ride through these states through the mountains then you will certainly enjoy this video…