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I left Russell at 9:45 and arrived in Cornwall to meet my friend Mike Fritz and to try out my new tire plugging kit at Irwin Supply. I wanted to make certain I know how to properly plug a tire.

Our route was the old roads through the New York Champlain area and then through the Vermont Mountains. We avoided the main auto routes such as the 87 and so on. The scenery and roads were amazing. We would climb and then descend mountains and hills all the way through Vermont. It was beautiful, breathtaking and yes, a hell of lot of fun!

We decided to stop in Littleton, NH and stay at a Hampton Inn. We were tired since it was 7:50 by the time we arrived, just before dark. We had a nice dinner at the Appletree Restaurant next to the hotel. Below are just a few of the pictures I took and a quick video. I do not have the same editing tools on the road.