We had our 14 year anniversary dinner at this wonderful little Restaraunt in Picton.

When we arrived there was a sign on the door advising passer-byers that the restaraunt was fully reserved. In other words, don’t bother coming in to ask for a table.

Luckily I had made our reservations a week earlier. But this is a good sign that we were in for a treat.

I started with a delicious salad with candied pecans, cheeses and more, then to my orange and ginger duck breast sliced atop of a cumin carot puree and finally to a chocolate mousse and berry desert.

The only thing missing was a nice glass of wine but I was riding the CTX700 with Chantal on the back so she had some wine. I have a zero tolerance for drinking and riding (or driving).

If ever you are un Picton, be sure to reserve an evening here.