As mentioned earlier I had my tire plugged in Picton. I had called Honda Belleville (West City Honda Power Sports) and they had ordered a new tire.

When I arrived this morning they had the tire ready and installed it immediately. A BIG THANK YOU TO THE GUYS AT WEST CITY POWER SPORTS!

Now lets talk about plugs. I hear that there is quite the contraversy about these little things. Some say they can last the life of the tire and others warn of doom and gloom. Some say mushroom plugs are best and others prefer a patch.

Personally I felt that the plug may come out any second while I was riding which was not a reassuring thought on a motorcycle with only two tires.

But below is a picture of my plugged tire from the inside and one from the outside thread. Please notice how a sharp rock had already embedded itself into the softer plugged area that quite possibly would result in a leak in the near future. So although the new tire may have cost $ 300.00 or so installed, it has purchased me peace of mind…