When you spend extra time to plan a trip from one romantic B&B to the next while programming the curviest roads to join each one from city to city and when you take the time to also make reservations at spectacular restaraunts with your beautiful wife, the thought of getting screwed does pass through your mind, as crast as it may be.

However, today in the middle of such an adventure I found a completely new meaning to that saying.

We left Sleepy Hallow at 11:00am heading to Kingston and then to the ferry over to Picton. The weather was the worst! Pouring buckets of rain while winds gusting from the lake at speeds over 45 km/hr. I stopped at the ferry to take a few pictures (see below).
Then came a new meaning of “Getting Screwed” one that I never even considered.


Pouring rain, 3:00 PM and no dealers near by. I called a towing and they came and charged $45.00 to add air so I could ride to a Power Sport Store. They would not plug the tire because of insurance liability.

Honda Roadside assistance wanted to tow me to Kingston. The luggage was on my bike and could not be transferred to Chantal’s bike. Oh what to do? Furthermore the Belleville Honda dealer said they could order the tire but they were so booked in service that they probably could not install it.

The beautiful B&B was paid for but we did not check in or knew how we would get there. Also, the GPS was wired to my bike and not Chantal’s. Lastly, it would not freaking stop raining.

Then suddenly a guy came into the store who had a tire business in his barn 4-miles away. He agreed to plug the tire. So they filled me up with air yet again and I Chantal and I followed him into the country, deeper and deeper until we reached his house with a tire shop attached. He plugged it for me and sent me on my way. This was hours later. We finally checked in at Away in the Country at 5:00.

I took a picture if the screw, a simple drywall screw that caused me so much distress. Chantal’s Rev-It suit did not keep her dry so she was soaked. We are now in our room with some cheese, crackers and a nice bottle of wine reflecting on to day’s events.

There will be more to come about this experience, especially about Honda’s roadside assistance and dealer.