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Yesterday was a great day for a ride and we had so many places to go. First and foremost I had to pick up mail at my PO Box in MassenaMassenna, NY. That’s a good 1.5 hour ride through the country. Then we were to meet my sister in St. Andrews at Johnson’s Antiques and finally we were to visit Tom from Irwin Supply at his campsite.  I took video footage of Chantal (my wife) on her new bike.

So, lets talk about my wife for a moment. She never asks for much and she never likes to spend money. If you talk to her she will tell you that a car is a chantalcar  and  a bike is a bike. This is all fine and dandy until she actually differentiates between the models and sizes and then has an epiphany to which one she really would like. This is exactly what happened with the Vespa to the Honda Shadow 750. She was fine with the Vespa but since this riding season something was just not right. She would pass other bikers and wanted to greet them yet most would ignore her on the Vespa. She would receive some greetings but often they would turn their head in an effort to ignore her and ride by. Hence the epiphany! No respect, no greetings or no highway riding. She suddenly needed a bike. A BIG bike (relative to a Vespa). Her short legs made the choice of bikes very simple. There was basically one bike from each manufacturer that would allow her to be flat footed. She choose the Honda Shadow 750. Now with a smile she rides on and greets all the bikers and is then greeted in return (except for a few odd Harley riders who seem to greet no one).

So we rode most of the day in the hot sun from here to there and got all of our messages done (about 300 Km). Chantal was getting a real feel for her new bike. When we finally arrived home we were exhausted. We took a WP_20140803_001 short nap at 4:30 then got up for dinner and watch a couple of episodes of Hemlock Grove on Netflix. Finally we went to sleep early until I woke up at 6:00 this morning to start blogging. I had finished the video (below) and while it was rendering I decided to make Chantal a breakfast in bed. I wasn’t certain what she would like to so I made a little of everything.  A small vegetable cheese omelet, buckwheat pancakes with real maple syrup, Porridge cooked with cinnamon sticks, cloves, nutmeg, salt and coconut nectar for flavor, some cut pears with a dab of fruit yogurt. Not too much of anything but a little of a lot. I served it to her on a silver platter with a nice hot coffee and delivered it to her in bed.

The weather forecast for today is again sunny and warm and the time is now 8:20AM which means I should go to the garage and clean off yesterday’s bugs from my CTX and get the front polished and ready for some more bug bombardment.

So here is yesterday’s video…