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I received this e-mail form Sharon in Mississauga who received Daisy yesterday. I am certain that she will give her as much love as Chantal and I had given over the years….

E-mail from Sharon

IMG_20140801_140118 Here I am, sitting on her just as the guys offloaded the bike….I couldn’t wait!

It looks like a new bike!  You obviously took great pride and care with the GTS (and all your vehicles, I’m sure!).  I will take great care of her too and I’m sure I’ll get a lot of enjoyment riding her. 

I was able to take it out for a short ride and now a storm is here.  BooHoo.

Thank you for EVERYTHING (and I mean EVERYTHING)! 

I hope you and Chantal get a lot of enjoyment on your bikes as I will on my scooter!

– Sharon