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 DSC00900I recently ordered a set of Fenix Bullet LED Spots for my CTX700N. I purchased them from one of my favorite supplier of amazing motorcycle and scooter parts – Motorcycle Innovations in Canada. They are really a simple installation unless you are a bit an%$#l like me and want to match everything to your bike. My CTX is blacked out and in order to install the lights where I wanted I had to use a spacer. The spacer I choose was nylon and of course, white color. Additionally the bracket for the black lights are stainless steel.

So I set out to correct this and I dyed the Nylon using RIT Dye and I painted the bracket. I had to make a mini-paint booth and some fixtures. I had Irwin Supply install the electrical connections since I was bringing the bike to have the DC Auxiliary plug installed and they would have to disassemble the side panels. The end result is, well, simply put…. Awesome!

So here is the video….