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This time two years ago I was riding a naked Vespa GTV-300 around the country side. One year after that the GTV was completely upgraded and equipped with every imaginable performance and comfort option. Simultaneously with that, Chantal took her M1 course and got her M2 license and a Vespa GTS-300.

We loved riding them and I enjoyed the maintenance and adding on all of the performance parts. We have Vespa shirts, hats, coffee mugs, pictures, sculptures and I am certain much more that has slipped my mind.

Our journey together as husband and wife on these romantic little scooters was wonderful. The scooter gave me a goal and a conviction to focus on healing after my proximal row carpectomy. Together they offered Chantal and I a common interest that we could enjoy together, as life as a couple should be.

It is with sadness and joy that this journey has come to an end and another begins. As you know I traded my Vespa GTV-300 for a Honda CTX700N two weeks ago. In two weeks I have put 2,300 Km on this bike and expect to put far more before the season is over.

But yesterday we sold the Vespa GTS-300 and purchased a Honda 2003 Shadow Spirit 750 for Chantal. This bike was chantal shadowmaintained by a friend of Tom who owns Irwin Supply Cornwall and although the bike has 87,000 Km on it, he swears it is in absolutely perfect condition. I believe him. Mind you it stalled and left us at the side of the road during a test drive but that turned out to be a simple fix. ADD GAS!


Viking Bags

We can only pick it up next Saturday because Chantal cannot get to Cornwall until then. So in the meantime we started to order the necessary accessories. bag1 We started with saddle bags. Generally leather bags are mounted to this style of bike. However after looking through Viking Bags (a supporting supplier to RidingAdventures.ca) we came across these hard saddle bags that can lock and are gloss black to match the bike. We think that they will look nice and they will not require maintenance. We like the top loading feature and the key lock. They come with a complete mounting kit for only $ 200.00!!!

bags1       bag3

Our new journey begins


Next week will be the beginning of a new journey. We will no longer be scooterists. We are now motorcyclists. We can tour the country in more comfort without having to always avoid major highways. Not that our goal is to ride highways, but often we were limited because of the comfort and our feeling of not being safe on highways with the scooters.

The Vespa will always be part of this blog and will remain in both our hearts and minds as those amazing little scooters. Perhaps one day in the future we will fly to Italy and rent a couple of Vespas  to tour the country side for old-time’s sake.

But today we are starting to plan a week vacation with the Honda Shadow 750 and CTX700N. Oh my! I just realized that my wife’s is bigger than mine….