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So it is back to the installation stage to get my new bike fully functional in the same manner as was my Vespa GTV-300. Today I wanted to get power to both the Garmin GPS and the GoPro. Honda sells a DC Power plug but you must also get their sub-harness. The sub-harness is needed to connect the socket to the main accessory’s connector under the right side faring. There seems to be three connections to allow for three accessories. Each one would require this Sub-Harness.

You will need:

  1. Accessory Socket Kit: Part #: 08V70-MJF-A00
  2. Sub-Harness: Part #: 08A70-MJF-A00

I will have a video of the installation of these parts next week. However, in the mean time, I have a video outlining how I ran the USB cables from inside the glove box to each of the devices, nice and cleanly.

I purchased 2 x 6Foot long USB to mini jacks. The interesting part about the Garmin is that when you plug in a USB cable it immediately goes to the “Connect to computer mode”. In other words, it does not allow you to actually access the normal navigation screen. The Garmin technician had confirmed that and said that I should only use the Garmin plug. The problem with the plug is that I could not power two devices. I had purchased a dual 2 amp USB plug for the accessory socket that powers two USB Cables.

However, I discovered that after 30 seconds of only power going to the Garmin through the USB cable that it then re-boots and powers up normally (not in computer connect mode). So voila!