On Sunday we decided to ride to Merrickville again to revisit a record store. Chantal hopped on her Vespa GTS-300 and I on the CTX700N.On the way home Chantal whispered in my Scala G4 Ear Phone “Hey, Can I try your Bike?”

I pulled over thinking she would try it for a few miles and after 45 minutes my back began to hurt again in remembrance of riding at 100 Km/Hr over those bumpy country roads. My knees felt like they were up towards my chin and I suddenly realized how I had outgrown the Vespa in so many ways.

With that said, she never did give me back my bike. Tonight she came home and asked if she could go for a ride on it. She asked if I wanted to join her on the Vespa and I decided that I would decline and make this blog entry instead. I had the bike for over 275 Kilometers today while she was working.

Chantal was on the phone today negotiating insurance rates for various types of bikes such as the Honda Phantom, CTX and Aero. I have a feeling that another new bike will be soon in our garage. The major issue is that Chantal only has her M2 since a year and insurance rates for 700 CC bikes are double that of the Vespa.

Well, this was a picture of about the la10482045_10154297002425478_2183070140974961533_ost time I was with Chantal and could ride my Honda. Now when she is around, well, I think the following 30 second video says it all….