Ok, I bought a motorcycle. Yes I did and I traded in my GTV-300 for it. For those interested, the GTV-300 is for sale at the Honda Dealer (asking $ 5,799.00 CDN) and can be crated and shipped anywhere. For details send me an e-mail at peter.sanderson@outlook.com. Click here for details on the GTV.

New Domain Name added

The primary domain is now www.ridingadventures.ca but the old www.vespaadventures.ca and www.abarthadventures.ca will also work.


Now, back to the introduction…

WP_20140712_036 I just returned from beautiful weekend ride to Gananoque with Chantal. It was an excellent opportunity to get to know my new CTX700N by Honda. So Here is the scoop:

Gas Mileage

We both filled up and before leaving Ganaonoque on the way home the Vespa GTS-300 needed $ 5,36 of gas and the big Honda CTX700N required only $ 5,47 of gas! Absolutely unbelievable…


After riding for two days, MY BACK IS NOT HURTING AND MY WRIST IS FINE!

Handling – Highway

I found the CTX700N handled better than the Vespa. Yes it is true! Hard to believe but it just leans around the corners by itself with no effort required. I found that at 100 Km/Hr the Vespa would require some focus to fly through “s” curves and those ninety-degree corner curves that we have here in the country. But the CTX700N just sails around them effortlessly.

Handling – City

It handles really easy and I cannot imagine anyone (no matter how small) dropping or having a problem moving this bike in or out of a parking space. It seems to be self balancing. Riding the clutch in first gear while back braking keeps the bike straight-up while crawling in the city traffic with out any need to touch the ground.


I cannot compare it to another motorcycle since I have not driven many since the 1970s. However, it has a low RPM red line at 6200 RPM that has a torque band almost throughout its full range. Therefore you can shift up at 3000 RPM and the bike pulls like crazy. There is no problem accelerating. It cruses effortlessly on the highway. I like it 🙂


I will be adding on some accessories over the next week or two to make my riding experience better. I will show the installation and the suppliers as I always do. But here is a quick list:

  1. Windshield
  2. Larger grips with gel to reduce vibration
  3. Adjustable Brake Lever
  4. Top Box
  5. Chrome Power Plug for Handle Bars
  6. 1/3 Size foot boards
  7. Possibly a new Corbin Seat and Back Rest.
  8. More Driving Lights

This weekend we stayed at Victoria Rose In and met up with friends who took us for a lovely boat ride and out for dinner. As always, a short picture tour: