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One nice thing about living in a small village in the country is that we are surrounded by other small villages and each has something to offer. I had read about a small restaurant in a village called Osgoode that is about a 22-minute ride from our house. The restaurant was named the Red Dot Café and their menu looked wonderful. The weather was hot and that made it a perfect evening for a ride to dinner. A GTS-300 and GTV-300 navigating those amazing country roads with their almost ninety-degree curves  followed by “S-Curves”. What better way than this to build up an appetite?

The Red Dot Café was a small quaint little place with home-made desserts. I had their Blackened Cat Fish while Chantal had the Coconut Crusted Tilapia. She said it was the best she had ever had. We finished dinner and avoided their tempting deserts. We hit the road just as the sun was disappearing into the sunset. Here are the highlights and I hope you enjoy. I was riding behind Chantal to get her bike on film. It was the first time testing the helmet mount and I had the camera angle pointing a bit too much towards the road. Sorry and I promise better next time.