So after deciding to put out an absurd amount of money for the new GoPro 3 Hero Black, I had to dig back into the watering hole for even more money for all the mounting equipment. I decided to use a Ram mount to hold the camera so I needed to get a GoPro camera mount kit then I decided I wanted the Wi-Fi remote mounted next to my left thumb. At the end of the day my Vespa GTV-300 is beginning to resemble the dash of a fighter jet (LOL). I used it to ride to Gananoque for a romantic getaway with Chantal (my Wife!). I am trying their ultra-wide (immersed into the action) settings. I am also trying their video editing software. The video is uploading to YouTube as I type. So before I post the video, here are some pictures of my Mounts.


WP_20140615_001 WP_20140615_002 WP_20140615_003 WP_20140615_004 WP_20140615_005 WP_20140615_006