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My friend Keith LaBorde showed me a picture of his spare parts kit that he has for the Vespa which became increasingly interesting after I had striped the exhaust manifold stud and nut when changing my exhaust to a Mallossi and I had to wait a week to get a new $ 2.50 Stud and nut.

Therefore, I have decided to create a spare kit to include common parts such as:

  • Variator nuts
  • 3 common body panel screws
  • Metal screw tabs
  • Bolts for exhaust header
  • Variator case bolts
  • Brake caliper bolts
  • Cotter pins for wheels
  • Washers
  • Lock washers

Since I am not a mechanic, and have only worked on a Vespa since 2012, please take a moment and add any other suggested spare parts that I should have in this box other than the standard maintenance parts such as oil filters, air filters and so on. You can complete the form below and I thank you all in advance!