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The Motor Scooter has become a bit of worldwide phenomenon for a number of different reasons. Although they are not as commonly used in America as they are in say, Madrid or Asia, they have become increasingly commonplace, particularly in urban areas. The huge distances between cities have made the Motor Scooter a bit of a less practical option for many in the states. However, regardless of these distances there are a number of reasons why a Motor Scooter might be a better option than other options that are available – and many are taking notice. Scooters have continued to grow in popularity within the United States each year since 1999, when the total number of scooter sales reached only 25,000. However, by 2004, that number had grown to an amazing 86,000, and the growth has continued to be exponential. Some of the reasons why owners of other vehicles should consider purchasing a Motor Scooter include;


Great for Short Distances

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons to consider a Motor Scooter is the fact that it is an excellent vehicle option for short distances. Although it might not be the best choice for trips that span dozens, or hundreds of miles, they do make traveling small distances much easier. For individuals that live in urban areas, you can quickly navigate streets and in many cases reach your destination more quickly than you otherwise would. Because they have ample space for storage and place to connect bags, they are an excellent consideration for anyone that needs to carry a large amount of items a short distance.

Economical Choice

Motor Scooters are the economical choice. They first gained popularity in Europe because of their high gas prices for this reason. Recently, as the gas prices have dramatically risen in the United States as well, many have taken to using scooters as a mode of transportation in order to save money. Many scooters feature a gas tank that is not much larger than 1-2 gallons, which is a fraction of the size of a tank of a large sports utility vehicle, many van, or truck. For individuals that are not traveling large distances, a Motor Scooter can help you to save a great deal of money on basic trips.

Easy to Drive

Motor Scooters differ from typical motorcycles because they are much easier to drive. The learning curve is quite quick, and most that purchase scooters find themselves comfortable enough to begin using it for transportation within a few short days of making their purchase. Almost all modern scooters use stepless automatic transmissions, leaving the driving in charge of only the throttle and the break. Anyone with experience riding a bike and driving a vehicle of some description should be able to take up driving their Motor Scooter somewhat quickly. Scooters also provide maximum storage opportunity both in the seat, as well as in connectable bags, which can be added to a variety of locations on the scooter.


Driving in Any Weather

Although driving in the rain on a motorcycle might cause issues, the same cannot be said for a scooter. Because there are not as many clothing and safety restrictions on a scooter, you are freer to wear rain resistant clothing when piloting a scooter. This is excellent for those that live in areas in which the weather can rapidly change, or is often an issue when driving a motorcycle.



Another important consideration is how safe a Motor Scooter could potentially be. To start, because there are far fewer considerations for the driver, they should be able to focus more on traffic and less on shifting gears and controlling the heavy machine. Additionally, because the speeds of Motor Scooters are often much lower than that of their motorcycle counterparts, the injuries sustained during crashes are often much less severe.

Thanks Dewayne for a wonderful and insightful article.