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It was a milder day with overcast skies and I decided to install the front RS 24 Malossi Shock and the Brembo Brakes. I would have continued to install the Rear but I want to install the Malossi Exhaust at the same time and I discovered that I need an Oxygen Sensor Socket to remove and re-torque the oxygen sensor to the new muffler head. They only cost $ 12.00 but the stores are all closed for Good Friday. So this will be a job for another day.

The installation of the Brembo Brakes was simple, easy and fast. No difficulties at all. However, the shocks on the other hand required some ingenious solutions with respect to some design challenges when it comes to simple nuts and bolts. Now that I have the solution, doing it all over again for Chantal’s GTS-300 will be a breeze.

I made a video of the installation or half of the installation. What happened at some point was that I got confused with the camera and it was recording the ground while I worked and stopped when I wanted to record. So for the last half of the install I just explained it and did a lot of pointing to the finished project. I am sorry for that! But the video and the following instructions taken (with permission) from a Modern Vespa Post should help you if you wish to attempt this install.


  • The Brembo Brakes with the Zelioni adapter is real close to the rim but does not touch.
  • Torque of the bolts on the Brembo Adapter and Caliper: Tighten then 1/4 turn. Do not over tighten to strip. I used blue lock tight.
  • Torque on bottom Bolts for Malossi 25 Nm and on top we set it at 30 Nm.
  • Torque on the bolt on top of the shock we used 25 Nm.
  • The brake line is a bit short to fit the Brembo and therefore one clip on the side fender does not hold it (too tight and pulls out) and I see no reason for it because the line is stiff and out of the way.
  • The top right bolt to remove and re-install the shock was a pain! See solution in Video. I have no idea how I would torque a Piaggio Stock Shock since the ratchet socket will not fit?
  • I have almost new stock shocks and a caliper for sale 🙂
  • The difference in the ride is huge. The Braking is dramatically different. Especially at higher speeds. The shock gives you the feeling that you are riding a larger bike that is more stable and heavy on the road. It handles bumps and corners much better. I am very pleased with this expense and effort. Funny enough, I could feel the superior front shock versus my back shocks. I will install the back in a few days.
  • Messed up on the installation video last half. Sorry :(.

The Video


Keithm’s Instructions from Modern Vespa

Courtesy of Modern Vespa User Keithm. Thanks!

Enclosed is a step-by-step walk thru of a aftermarket shock install. My 2007 Vespa GTS 250ie OEM front shock will be replace with a RS24 Malossi. The intent of the install is to smooth out the Vespa’s ride and allow preload type adjustments on the front shock. I have found my suspension will bottom out when I ride 2-up. By cranking up the preload I hope to elevate this issue. I will be outlining the rear shock install in another separate thread. Shock is $259 and part # M4614137 from scooterwest


grab the plastic arm cover, pull back upper/lower tabs


and remove, place aside


Loosen front wheel lug nuts, raise front wheel off ground (floor jack or place pet carrier under frame)


need to remove these 2x bolts holding lower shock to front suspension bracket


2x bolts (Torx type) you’ll need to access, limited access for tools


come in from this direction


torx bit, wobble drive, extension and ratchet


unthreading lower bolt on lower shock attachment


2x lower fasteners removed, no nuts involved as the threads are in the shock


upper shock bolts, this is the easy one, socket just fits over nut. Lefty-loosy-righty tighty


this is the difficult bolt as a socket will not fit, the shock is too wide for proper socket to fit, even with wobble adaptor, need to unthread with open end wrench


upper end disengaged from bike attach point


lower end disengaged from bike attach point


new RS-24 Malossi and OEM shock, need to transfer mounting dampeners and bracket to new shock


remove OEM shock top bolt


remove the stack-up getting to lower damper


add these other items to RS-24 shock


secure bolts with Blue paste type loctite


add 2x nuts, second nut acts as a fail-safe retaining nut. Use crescent wrench to hold shock at top of thread while tightening nut


reinstall upper bracket first, align threads with holes, make sure to keep bracket in orientation shown, add cable wire bracket thru original hole + washers. Some folks use crazy glue at this step.


hand tighten, will torque to spec later. Note the upper bolts are not secure, they are retained from spinning but can move vertically. So go slow or frustration will set in



I omited the next few slides because they deal with the issue of Malossi’s older shocks that did not have the threads in the shocks. The new Malossi RS 24 have the thread and this is not an issue.


RS-24 shock is narrower than OEM, so a socket will fit over the difficult upper nut, torque proper


setting up torque wrench