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Well, spring has sprung! This last weekend was as confusing as it gets. I removed both the Vespa GTS-300 and GTV-300 as well as the Abarth C from their winter slumber. The weather went from three feet of snow covering my Weber barbeques in the back yard to grass in less than 4-days. The temperature went from “Could Not Ride – So Cold” to almost 67 degrees F.

A ride was in order but in the Abarth or on the Vespa. Choices…

I decided to take the Abarth C up shopping to Ottawa on Friday morning. It took me forever since I went by the country roads. I was really surprised at the high water levels throughout Eastern Ontario. At one point along the way one farmer’s field was actually a lake that had reached the road level and was flowing like a river into the field on the opposite side of the road. I had to slow down and was a bit hesitant to drive across the running river like water crossing the road in fear of the Abarth floating into the field.

Upon return I jumped on the Vespa and got rid of some winter fuel by winding up and down the mountain roads north of Cornwall.

Saturday Chantal and I decided that we would take off on the Vespas and that is exactly what we did. Since we are moving next month, we had some new cards that we had printed with our new address and phone number. But the Canadian mail just raised their rates to $ 1.00/Letter (can you believe it?). Therefore we became mail delivery people for a day and delivered all of our letters. At the end of the day after we delivered them all we headed east towards Quebec and stopped for dinner in Lancaster at a Denny’s. On the way back we had pretty much emptied all of the winter gas and filled up at a cost of $ 6.00 each. That is $ 12.00 in total and equals only 12-Stamps. So I suppose that mail delivery services will be performed more often than not on my Vespa!

Do I have a record of the above adventure? Pictures? Movies?

Nope. We just rode…

Next step- Install Shocks, Caliper and Exhaust

Stay Tuned – There WILL BE A VIDEO